My Story

My healing journey started to go downhill as a child, due to the fact that I loved sugar so much.  So much so, that I baked all the time (literally multiple times per day).  By the time I was in culinary school (to become a pastry chef) I was tired!  I had a bunch of random health issues and I seemed to be gathering more with every year.  Specifically rosacea, headaches, exhaustion, lack of motivation, detoxification issues, hair loss, joint pain, digestive issues, hormonal issues, and body image/emotional issues.

My journey has included lots of fear, lots of wondering why my body didn’t seem to be working right, and lots of disappointment – despite my generally happy disposition.

But the end result is good!  To date, I have energy, and other than residual rosacea, I would say that my body, mind and spirit are all happy and continuing to heal daily.

My healing journey has included:

  • Developing a strong relationship with God – and trusting Him to lead me to healing.
  • Understanding that I deserve to heal – just like everyone else.
  • Eating nutrient dense food.  I love food!
  • Embracing rest.
  • Loving movement.
  • Learning to trust my body and wholeheartedly embrace her.
  • Receiving as much pleasure from fruit and veggies as from baking.
  • Believing that kindness and integrity trump perfection.

Mary B. Lapp is a trained Nutritional Therapist and Transformational Life Coach.

Mary’s studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Nutritional Therapy Association, Restorative Wellness Solutions, Holistic MBA/Health Coach Institute, and Holistic Mineral Balancing School.

When Mary isn’t coaching, she is happily tending to her domestic life and mastering the art of self-care.  Mary coaches clients one-on-one and teaches workshops for the busy woman who is ready to heal herself, body, mind and spirit.

Mary lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her husband Ernie.