This is my best kept secret.  (Except it isn’t a secret…)  It’s like real cake.  The pastry chef in me rejoices every time I make it.  It is actually one of my old recipes that converted immensely well.  No one even knows its gluten free, let alone egg free and dairy free!!  I actually make it all the time, the only reason its taken me this long to post is that I use some white rice flour and flax seeds (which are not AIP).  But I have made it with cassava flour and gelatin – and it works great!  (I happen to do better on white rice flour than I do on cassava flour, so you use whatever flour works best for you!  *Edit – if you use 1 cup arrowroot, be sure to use tigernut or a non-gooey flour to balance.  Cassava alone doesn’t balance it.)  Feel free to make it into a cake and ice it for celebrations!

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*Shared on Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable.  🙂