This smoothie is My favorite!  It is so yummy and very filling!  Chocolate Chips are totally optional, in fact, I don’t usually use them. 🙂  (But definitely avoid chocolate for strict AIP.)


1 ripe banana
1/2 avocado
A few Tbs. creamy coconut milk
2 drops Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
2 Tbs. collagen/gelatin for protein (or you can use Hemp Hearts for a vegan, not AIP option)
As many greens as you can stuff in the blender.  Spinach and Baby Kale will make the prettiest smoothie.
1 cup water
1 cup ice
Optional if you want it sweeter – 2 soft dates
Optional: chocolate chips (don’t add for strict AIP)

1. Add all ingredients except chocolate chips to blender.  Blend well.

2. Pour into glass – if you are using chocolate chips, stir in.  Enjoy!