Thanksgiving is coming up so soon!  I am here to tell you how dedicated I am to a stress free Thanksgiving, and how I pull it off 🙂

My secret to a stress free Thanksgiving is to bake the turkey the day ahead.
Yes – I know that a lot of the glory comes from seeing the roasted bird, but I would highly recommend that you think this one through.  Roasting the turkey the day before changes Thanksgiving from a crazy stressful day, into a relaxed and happy day that is full of Thanksgiving.
My instructions make for a busy Wednesday, and a relaxed and fun Thursday so you can enjoy your family and friends.
*If it is That important to you or your loved ones, maybe you could roast a little bird the day of?


Simple and Merry AIP Menu:
Turkey and Gravy
Mashed Cauliflower
Cranberry Sauce
Green Salad with Dressing
Pumpkin Panna Cotta
Apple Crisp

TurkeyClick here, then read this recipe for turkey.  If you want to follow my advice and cook the turkey a day ahead, you are going to have to brine the bird on Tuesday, and bake it on Wednesday (and if you have a frozen turkey, make sure it is defrosted in time).  You can follow this exact recipe, but sub another fat for the butter unless you have successfully re-introduced dairy – perhaps extra virgin olive oil, or avocado oil.

Follow the directions for brining on Tuesday, and baking the bird on Wednesday with the veggies and white wine – flip it as it says – this makes for the most amazing and juicy meat with fabulous drippings.

Super easy gravy – take all the drippings with the carrots, onion, etc… and puree it in your blender.  It makes a wonderful, super delicious gravy that is just thickened with carrots, onion etc…  Add some sea salt if necessary, then run it through a sieve to catch any chunks.  This gravy is so so so good and so so easy!!

Let the bird rest, then carve it and put the meat into a crock pot.  Add enough gravy to keep it moist, and put the rest of the gravy in a saucepan to re-heat the next day.

Boil the turkey carcass to make bone broth, pick the meat, store the broth, and you will have taken the stress out of your Thanksgiving Thursday. 🙂

Make the day ahead:
Mashed Cauliflower – put in an attractive oven safe dish for reheating.
Cranberry Sauce – put in an attractive dish to serve cold.
Salad Dressing – choose whichever one looks good!
Stuffing – I would sub bacon drippings for the palm oil.  Put in an attractive oven safe dish for reheating.
Squash – I would half the honey and add a healthy pinch of sea salt.  Put in an attractive oven safe dish for reheating.
Pumpkin Panna Cotta with Pomegranate Seeds (Just sub pomegranate seeds for the crumble.)

Thanksgiving Day:
Set Table.
Make Salad – I like to make it pretty with dried cranberries, white onion, and yummy herbs.
Make Apple Crisp.
Plug in crockpot with turkey.
Heat in oven until warm: mashed cauliflower, stuffing and squash.
Heat gravy on stove.
Put out cranberry sauce.
Put out water and apple cider for beverage.