The Paleo Approach Cookbook – A Review


The Paleo Approach, by Sarah Ballantyne was published earlier this year.  It was an amazing encyclopedia of information for those with autoimmune disease (you can read more about it here).  On August 26th (next week!!) The Paleo Approach Cookbook will be for sale.  I was absolutely overjoyed to have received a Reviewers copy, and am Loving it!  I cooked a bunch of the recipes this weekend and will show you my pictures of them.


 For a little info, The Paleo Approach Cookbook includes:

Over 200 Delicious Recipes!  (I tried many of them this weekend, all so yummy!!)

Ways to vary the recipes to your specific needs (FODMAPS, etc…)

Nutrient Facts, Tips, etc…

6 weeks of AIP Menu Plans (!!!)

Shopping guides, how to, etc…

An amazing variety of recipes.  Lots of recipes without coconut, for those concerned.

Lots of really fun dessert recipes!

Lots of organ meat and fish recipes that actually look good!  But lots non-organ/fish recipes also 🙂


Pictures from my Fun Weekend with a New Cookbook in which I can eat Anything!!

So, I was totally blown away by all Sarah’s recipes for homemade flour.  So cool!  As an ex-Pastry Chef, I had to try it.  I had plantains on hand, so I tried that first (page 121):






And After ^^^^^



Which was made into her amazing Banana Bread Squares on page 348.



It was surprisingly sweet considering there was no sweetener except bananas.  And the crumb quality was lovely!


Oh, and it is coconut free!  I’ll make it for my niece who hates coconut! 🙂  This recipe rocked Leah’s and my weekend!  And Ernie loved it also, and used it as fuel on his long bike ride, which was awesome!! 🙂


Then I made dinner:



On the left are Root Vegetable Biscuits on page 328 – I used canned pumpkin because I was feeling lazy.  They were really good, and leftovers the next day were just as good!  I made them smaller and slightly overbaked them, but even so they were delicious, with a nice consistency.

On the right are Pot Sticker Meatballs on page 157.  I used regular cabbage instead of Napa, and I think regular cabbage may have more water content than the Napa – so I should have squeezed the excess water out.  Consequently I had to bake them for longer because there was so much moisture.  But they were absolutely delicious!!  Soooo good!  The flavor was amazing 🙂

And I also made Bacon Apple Chicken Burgers with Maple Cranberry Sauce on page 222.  Yes!  So so so good!  This recipe is actually available on her site, click here for the recipe:


The salad dressing recipe in the picture above was Sarah’s Greek Salad Dressing on page 126.  We loved it!! 🙂

So – you can see that we ate well this weekend!  And we feel amazing, also!  Thanks so much, Sarah Ballantyne, (and her crew!) for your lovely and delicious cookbook!  We loved it!  Click here to purchase her book if you have not already!  🙂

So, what do you think ?

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