The disability services office at Columbia University is dedicated to providing a friendly and inclusive environment that fosters a vibrant community, based on the notions of dignity and worth. In 2015, disability service assisted in the facilitation or 30851 accommodations. These included sign language and captioning for 1,017 classes and online accommodations to accommodate 14,451 exams. We strive to make ourselves accessible to all people with disabilities, regardless their mental or physical limitations.


Please complete and submit this form if you have concerns about accessibility on Stride’s website. Stride’s accessibility manager will acknowledge receipt of the form within two days and start investigating the issue. Stride support can also be reached if you are experiencing disability support services issues. We are happy and able to help you! Below is a list highlighting common accessibility problems. Once you’ve experienced a problem with a website, please NDIS Malvern us to learn more about how you can make it better.

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Greater Buffalo Adaptive Sports

Sled hockey is one sport that can provide many benefits for people with disabilities. Adam Page, a three time Paralympic gold medalist, founded sled hockey. Page wanted people with disabilities to have the same opportunities that he did as a child. Three years ago, Page founded wheelchair lacrosse. The organization offers adaptive sports training, and collaborates with the Wounded Warrior Project as well as Disabled Sports USA.

Sled Hockey Foundation

The Sled Hockey Foundation offers adaptive sport opportunities to people with disabilities. The sport is played with sleds and the sleds pull a sled. Jeremy Cave, vice president of the Sled Hockey Foundation, illustrates this. Although he is only thirteen, his skills surpass his age. He has impressed the selection committee already and will be 17 in 2022.

Developmentally Disabled

Services for the Developmentally Disabled are available to help people with developmental disabilities meet their daily living needs. Individuals and families can find the best solutions to their individual circumstances by seeking out support options, counseling, advocacy, and other services. There are many levels available, depending upon the individual’s financial situation and needs. They also provide information and referral. To receive services, individuals must meet certain criteria. Individuals must have a IQ less than 70. Individuals must also be able to manage their own self-care, communication, and socialization.

Los Angeles World Airports

The LAX system offers assistance and services for those with special needs. Nearly 200,000 passengers arrive at LAX every day, and at least 10% of them have some type of disability. The range of disabilities can be from vision impairments and hearing loss. This number is expected increase as the population ages. Los Angeles World Airports works closely with the community of people with disabilities to identify areas for improvement and to make it easier for them to get to and from the airport.

Blue Ridge Community College

Students can receive special assistance at BRCC’s Disability Services, located in Sink Building. To request services, disabled students must make an appointment to the Disability Services coordinator. They must provide documentation of their disability. Students with IEP reports from high school should bring them to their first appointment. They should be prepared to discuss accommodations from high schools. Students must register for classes at their meeting with the coordinator in addition to being granted accommodations by the Disability Services office. If a student requires a modified schedule or a special accommodation, they should do so two weeks ahead of time.

Texas Health and Human Services

Texas Health and Human Services offers a range of services that can help people with disabilities live a healthy and active life. The state provides services including determining eligibility for Supplemental security Income (SSI), as well as health care services to make it easier for disabled people to work. The state also offers a transition program to assist visually impaired young adults in their transition to the workplace. Texas Health and Human Services offers services that are not only for people with disabilities but also for all Texans regardless of age, disability, mental or physical.